Amazing Miniature Food Art

Amazing Miniature Food Art:

How cute are these amazing miniature food art sculptures?

mini-2 mini-5 mini-1

So incredibly realistic that they look edible.. Artist Shay Aaron, makes these tiny food plates at a scale of 1:12, using matches and coins to help show exactly how small and intricate these designs really are!


Check out some more of his work on flickr. To buy any of his items check out his Facebook page for more info!

mini-6 mini-3

Life size and adorable, this doll- ready meal looks delicious!

1185361_532830990104510_1671554750_n 521971_530165607037715_226948621_n

Gourmet Sushi the size of a match stick and delectable chocolate morels that would look scrumptious! This is our favorite kind of food art, zero calories and no fat!

Click here to see more food ideas and recipes on Pinterest! 

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