National Flags Made From Food

National Flags Made From Food:

Check out these cool and edible flags from various countries, made entirely out of food that you would eat in that region…

For example, the Italian Flag is made from Basil, Pasta and Tomatoes.. all of which are staple food items from that land. These delicious flags were designed for the Sydney International Food Festival by the advertising agency WHYBINTBWA. All of the Food Art Flags can be viewed using the link below….

Which flag is your favorite and do you agree with the symbolic food ingredients chosen for each country? Some of them make sense, based on cultural and popular food served in that area. Here is another reason why we think it is okay to  play with your food!

Click on Each Flag Below to See Enlarge…Enjoy 🙂

To see all of the Food Flags from this artist set, CLICK HERE!

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