Celebrity Wedding Cakes

Celebrity Wedding Cakes:

Check out some of the most decadent, luxurious, and outrageous famous wedding cakes of all time! These million dollar weddings of celebrities, means a least one (or two) fabulous cakes! Who do you think had the best wedding cake and which one looks the most delicious?

Donald and Melania Trump’s Wedding Cake:

Celebrity Wedding Cakes Donald Trump

Donald and Melania Trump take the cake, pun intended, for most gorgeous wedding cake ever. Their massive, 200-pound, seven-tier Grand Marnier chiffon cake was adorned with 3,000 sugar roses. They also sent their guests home with individual chocolate sponge cakes that were filled with chocolate truffle, and topped with a single edible rose. The Trump’s wedding cake was the classiest, looks so beautiful that maybe you would not want to cut it!

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Royal Wedding Cake of Prince William and Kate Middleton:

Royal Wedding cake is a famous wedding cake and most expensive

Prince William and his bride Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge requested an 8 tiered wedding cake, fit for a Royal Wedding! The confectionery masterpiece covered in cream and white icing and decorated with up to 900 delicate sugar-paste flowers was centre-stage at the Buckingham Palace reception.The project took expert cake-maker Fiona Cairns, and her team, five weeks to complete the entire cake!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Wedding Cake:

best Celebrity Wedding Cakes Tom Cruise

Even though they are no longer married, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had on of the most beautiful wedding cakes of all time!  The five-tiered, white chocolate mousse confection decorated with marzipan roses and looks so amazingly yummy!

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Famous Wedding Cake:

Famous Wedding Cakes Kim Kardashian

Another couple that is not longer married, but still had a art deco inspired wedding cake is Kim Kardashian and ex-husband Kris Humphries. In keeping up with the Kardashian black and white style, this cake was made by celebrity cake designer Patrick Hansen. Hansen and his team needed stepladders to decorate the seriously massive cake, which stood 8 feet tall and weighed nearly 600 pounds.According to E! News, Kim, Kris and their guests dug into chocolate-chip marble cake with buttercream frosting. Separately prepared sheet cakes were what was ultimately served, because the real thing would have just been too much of a chore to cut! Kardashian’s wedding cake cost $20,000.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom:

Celebrity Wedding Cakes Khloe Kardashian

One thing about the Kardashian Klan, they may not stay married forever, but they do have great wedding cakes! Check out this creative, fun, and huge wedding cake of NBA play Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian. Also made by Hansen’s Cakes,the five-tiered temptation is filled with chocolate butter creme with white chocolate chips.Khloe and Lamar’s cake, which Khloe helped design, was taller than Lamar’s 6 foot 10 inch frame.

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