Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthday Cake Ideas:

Best Kid’s Birthday Cake Ideas and Recipes for Children’s, Boy and Girl Birthday Celebration Cakes. Check out these easy homemade birthday cake designs for baking inspiration at your child’s next birthday party. Instead of buying a store made cake, or resorting to plain cupcakes, try some of these clever and creative birthday cake ideas instead. You can customize the cake flavor and colors to match your birthday boy or girl’s personality.

Disney themed cakes made at home

To see more Kid’s Themed Birthday Cakes, and Homemade Cake Recipes, visit

fish cake for kids

This colorful ‘Finding Nemo’ inspired birthday cake is perfect for a girl or boy birthday party! For more bright colored Rainbow Desserts, CLICK HERE!

Boyscout cake recipe for kids

This adorable BoyScouts themed birthday cake is both easy and fun to make, use this link to see the recipe from

Beach themed birthday cakes

We love this beach themed birthday party cake. Baking tip: Use different shaped & textured ice cream cones, such as classic and waffle cones to make this cake more realistic.

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cute kids cake tiger design

This cute tiger face birthday cake is perfect for cat lovers! Make a jungle themed party come alive with this chocolate and orange iced cake. This cake recipe can also be used for pet’s birthday parties!

holywood cake idea Nasa birthday cake for nerds best kids cake ideas

CLICK HERE to see this Honey Bee Cake Recipe and the rest of these cute birthday cakes!

fun sports themed cakes Skateboard cake for kids

Check out these adorable Baby Shower Dessert Ideas, including a cute diaper cake, CLICK HERE!


Homemade birthday cake designs cute pinterest flower cake recipe

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cute princess cake ideas


Aww we simply love this pretty, princess twin cake design! This cake features a magic wand and tiara, plus an extra side cake for larger birthday parties. After the cake time, a lucky birthday princess girl can even rinse off the tiara and wear it, perfect!

Barbie cake for kids birthday


If Barbie is a popular character in your house, try making this easy Barbie cake from Betty Crocker!

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