How To Cook The Perfect Steak

How To Cook The Perfect Steak:

How to cook the perfect steak in a pan at home

How to cook the perfect steak in a pan at home

This quick How-To Cooking video from Gordon Ramsay shows you step by step instructions to cook a perfect steak in a pan on the stove top. This simple recipe comes directly from his book, The Ultimate Cookery Course. This easy to follow steak recipe requires only a few ingredients, a high-quality pan, and of course, well practiced skills in the kitchen.

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Ramsay has a style of cooking that is so direct and authentic. Whether you are a fan of his TV Show antics or not, his food speaks for itself and this cooking tutorial clearly shows how anyone can make the perfect steak, no grill necessary!

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Here are Gordon Ramsay’s tips for making the perfect steak:

  • Start with a hot pan to sear the steak and not boil it.
  • Take steaks out of the refrigerator approx. 20 minutes before you start cooking them.
  • Season first before placing steak into a sizzling hot pan.
  • Use Olive Oil and let the pan do the work.
  • Use tongs to flip each steak every minute.
  • Add Garlic, Thyme, Butter, for flavor while it is cooking in the pan.
  • After cooked to desired level (Rare, Medium Rare, or Well Done), place your perfect steaks onto a fresh cutting board, but wait at least 5 minutes to slice and enjoy!

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