How to Make Perfect Pasta

Perfect pasta

Want to know how to prepare linguini in an authentic Italian way? Read through this post to learn how to make the perfect pasta with Food Network’s chef Mario Batali. In this video, you will also get great cooking tips from Mario Batali himself in the kitchen. This is a recipe for … Read more

Best Snack Ideas for Toddlers

snacks for toddlers

Like adults, toddlers also need snacks as these give them the energy to play and engage in different activities throughout the day. Whether they are at the park or at home, when they get hungry, they need to take a break to munch on some toddler snacks. While there are toddlers who … Read more

Comfort Food: Porridges from around the World

A wooden bowl of porridge topped with fruits

During a heavy downpour or snowfall, the cold triggers us to seek warm, carbs-rich food that warms our bellies – and our hearts. Never mind the weight gain! For many people around the world, there’s nothing more satisfying than a bowl of porridge, which represents the ultimate comfort food.  A big, hot … Read more

9 Grocery Items You Should Splurge On

9 Grocery Items You Should Splurge On

One of the common setbacks of loving food (buying it, eating it, and more) is the tendency to go a bit crazy in the supermarket. According to Good Housekeeping Magazine, mothers who consider themselves good with money, but are complete food enthusiasts, say that they always end up straying from their budget … Read more

Snack Ideas to Buy for Long Term Food Storage

sliced cheddar cheese

Whenever you go hungry in the middle of the day, or if there is no lunch or dinner yet, it is important that you have snacks in your pantry so that you can munch on something to satisfy your hunger for a while. Unfortunately, most of the healthy snacks that we have … Read more

Ways to Improve Boxed Cornbread Mix

Godfathers Pizza Sauce 14oz  No Added Sugar Restaurant Style Italian Pizza Sauce

If you’re going to stack your pantry with a staple multi-tasker, go for a box of cornbread mix. It’s one of the most versatile items in your kitchen, that’s really cheap and very tasty. A box of a Jiffy Cornbread Muffin Mix is something that you’ll always find in a supermarket. You can … Read more

Ways to Improve Jarred Spaghetti Sauce

Homemade tomato sauce is a treat for the family that everyone will love, but you don’t always have the time to whip up a batch on a busy weeknight. Sometimes, you are already making a labor-intensive dish, and you want to save time. A jarred tomato sauce comes to the rescue. There … Read more

Ways to Improve Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinners

On busy weeknights, a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese always comes to the rescue. While Kraft changed its formula to remove the artificial food coloring that gave its orange color, still the classic flavor was retained. This blue-boxed goodness will always be one of our comfort foods, but there are ways to jazz … Read more

5 Exciting Lobster Meals that are Perfect for Autumn

For many people who live by lobster season, lobster is synonymous with summer. We all know a few fresh and light ways to eat lobster in the summer that provide perfect meals for the heat. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional lobster roll, a surf and turf or a light lobster … Read more