An Out of this World Snack – Bacon Weave Tacos

Taco Snacks

Tacos are a traditional Mexican food dish and are one of the most loved foods in the United States. Because of its popularity, a National Taco day has been made. It is celebrated every fourth of October annually. In Mexico where it has originated, Dia del Taco or the Day of Taco … Read more

Pork Chops with Sautéed Bell Peppers Recipe

Pork chops

Pork chops are a commonly consumed meat dish that is usually served in an individual portion. Chops are one of the most frequently consumed meats in the world wherein this cut of meat accounts for 10 percent of the total pork consumption in the United States alone. Chops are cut from the … Read more

New York City Cheesecake – You Can’t Go Wrong

New York City Cheesecake

Cheesecake is a sweet dessert that is baked before serving. It is commonly made from cream cheese, eggs, as well as egg yolks that add richness and smooth consistency to it. However, the New York–style cheesecake relies on heavy cream or sour cream. A typical New York cheesecake is rich and has … Read more

Bacon Deviled Eggs – A Delicious Snack

Deviled eggs

Christine Diane Teigen, popularly known as Chrissy Teigen, is an American model and Television personality. She has also starred in cooking shows such as the Cooking Channel Special and MTV’s Snack-Off. Chrissy Teigen released her cookbook “Cravings” on February 23, 2016, and it became a New York Times Bestseller. To know more … Read more