Top 10 Air Fryer Recipes

an air fryer filled with French fries

Many people today are looking into different ways when it comes to healthy food preparation. Some are using organic products that are free from chemicals and preservatives, while others are filling their diets with lots of fruits and vegetables. In addition to that, newer kitchen appliances are also being introduced to people, … Read more

Healthy and Easy Fish Recipes

Healthy and Easy Fish Recipes

Fish is among the healthiest of foods. Fish has plenty of protein, and above all has lots of nutrients such as Vitamin D, which many people are short of, and Omega 3, which are helpful in preventing heart disease.  Beyond that, fish can be just downright flavorful, and a fantastic alternative to … Read more

5 Exciting Lobster Meals that are Perfect for Autumn

For many people who live by lobster season, lobster is synonymous with summer. We all know a few fresh and light ways to eat lobster in the summer that provide perfect meals for the heat. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional lobster roll, a surf and turf or a light lobster … Read more

Super Bowl Sunday Nachos Ideas

Nachos with tomato sauce

Nachos is a dish which originated from northern Mexico. It consists of tortilla chips covered with cheese or cheese-based sauce and is often served as a snack. A plate of nachos is a common go-to snack when watching a game with friends. It is easy to make and takes only about 30 … Read more