Ideas for a Baby Shower Food Menu

Baby showers are one of the most joyous occasions for an expectant mother. However, they do require a lot of planning if you want the occasion to be just perfect. There are a lot of details to take care of, but the food is probably one of the most important jobs. Whether you’re thinking of just serving finger foods or planning a full meal, the menu selection for baby showers might become a little intimidating. Here are some ideas to get your mind working:

1. Make a Veggie Platter

Make a Veggie Platter

The expectant mother is probably watching her diet, and the guests may also prefer some healthy options. You can cater to all sides by making a large, delicious veggie platter for everyone to nibble on. Make or order some yummy dips to add something extra to the crunch, but also get some low-fat options along with the regular ones.

The platter option will also ensure that there’s something to snack on no matter what the time is. This way, if you have a full meal planned, no one has to go completely hungry until it’s time to eat. It’s more common for guests to graze when they’re at a baby shower, so a veggie platter will also make a nice addition to your finger food selection.  Look up some more snack ideas to keep the party flow going.

2. Have a Lot of Options

Have a Lot of Options

You’ve already got at least one pregnant lady at the party, and there are likely to be several guests who have dietary preferences. Some might be allergic to gluten, while others could be lactose intolerant. The keto diet is gaining popularity as we speak, so make sure you have some safe option for everyone.

No party planner or host wants their guests going hungry, so make a list of all the wants and needs of the attendees. You can ask each guest about their dietary preferences in advance, or simply have vegan, vegetarian, keto, and gluten-free options clearly marked on the table.

3. Non Messy Desserts

Non Messy Desserts

The food menu for baby showers can be quite simple, so there’s really no need to opt for messy, difficult desserts. Warm desserts, filled pastries, and anything stringy are not easy to eat while you’re standing up. Avoid these choices if you’re having a finger food spread. You can always stick to cookies, mini cupcakes, cake pops, and brownies–rest assured, everyone will be more than happy with these options.

Of course, a sit-down meal allows you more leeway in this department. We’d still recommend having desserts that don’t cause splashes or stains, especially if you’re having the shower ta the mother’s home. Cleaning up after a party is difficult enough, and we don’t want anything that might ruin the baby’s gifts.

4. Consider a Charcuterie Board

Consider a Charcuterie Board

A cheese board with crackers and bread is all very well, but you can take things up a notch by going for a full-fledged charcuterie board. This is basically a platter or long board with several ingredients on it. Start off with various cheese scattered around the platter and fill in the gaps with fruit, crackers, biscuits, jams, dips, dry fruits, nuts, crudités (raw veggies dipped in vinegar), olives pickles, breadsticks, and whatever else you can think of.

Having such a board on the tale at any baby shower is sure to make the event memorable. You can choose to garnish the whole thing with some herbs or fruits and veggies cut in fancy shapes. However, the various colors and textures will probably make a stunning platter or board on their own.

5. Don’t Forget the Drinks

Don’t Forget the Drinks

Having all that food to nibble on can soon make your guests thirsty, so have some refreshing drinks on hand for everyone. Plain water should be on hand for the expectant mothers, though you can always spruce it up with some lemon and orange slices with a few sprigs of fresh mint.

The guests and host would want something more flavorful, though, so you may want to consider having a separate beverage table. If it’s a big gathering, having large canisters of citrusy, fruity drinks could save a lot of time and hassle. If the gathering is fairly small, a good old punch bowl might be enough. Simply combine some club soda, fruit juice, and other classic ingredients to get just the right combination.

6. Some Filling Options

Some Filling Options

You’ve done the veggie platter and the healthy snacks, but don’t overlook the importance of having cheesy, flavorful, and filling food items for that upcoming baby shower. The mother-to-be probably has some cravings that she needs to fulfill during the course of the event, so it makes sense to have something tempting on hand.

Plus, there are always people on the guest list who don’t consider a party a success unless they’re well-fed. Feel free to get some mini pizzas, chicken strips, meatballs, potato salad and other robust foods to fill everyone’s bellies. If there are kids on the guest list, you’d probably want to dedicate a whole section of the buffet table to such food options.

7. Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple

There are many aspects to a baby shower, and you’d probably have to pay attention to every single one of them. The planner for such showers is usually the expectant mother’s sister or best friend, but even a professional party planner can only do so much. You’d likely be darting about everywhere on the day of the party, so keep the food department as simple as possible.

The best way to accomplish this goal is to stick with foods that anyone can assemble quickly and easily. Pinwheel bites, potato bites, and mini sandwiches are just a few ideas for a simple, uncomplicated finger food menu. Some healthy cheese snacks are also a good idea. You might even be able to delegate some of the prep work to a friend or family member. This will leave you free to handle several other tasks, such as making sure the décor is perfect and the party games.


Food at baby showers doesn’t have to be too complicated, but each dish can look very elegant with just a little effort. Think about the look and atmosphere you’re going for, and make your menu decisions accordingly. Spruce up your table with some floral decorations and make things easier for the guests by placing small chalkboards with the name of each food option. With careful food selections and some thoughtful details, you’d soon have a baby shower that everyone will appreciate.