Delicious Ways to Cook with Coconut

coconuts, coconut oil, and shredded coconut meat on a table

Among the many ingredients out there, there’s probably only one that is so versatile that it can produce oil, milk, meat, water, cream and be cooked in savory, sweet, spicy, and salty recipes. And that is coconut. Coconuts are known to be natural powerhouses of nutrition. It is a wonderful and versatile … Read more

How to Make the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

delicious chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are baked cookies that have chocolate chips or chocolate morsels as their main ingredient. These cookies originated in the United States in 1938, during the time when Ruth Graves Wakefield chopped up a Nestle semi-sweet chocolate bar and added them to a cookie recipe. Since then, it has become … Read more

Guide to the Best Hot Air Popcorn Makers

popcorn in a bowl

Eating popcorn while watching a good movie is indeed a perfect activity. That’s why theaters and cinemas all over the world are mostly selling different flavors of popcorn. You can also buy microwaveable ones in grocery stores and supermarkets if you want to enjoy some at home. But aside from those, you … Read more

Snack Ideas to Buy for Long Term Food Storage

sliced cheddar cheese

Whenever you go hungry in the middle of the day, or if there is no lunch or dinner yet, it is important that you have snacks in your pantry so that you can munch on something to satisfy your hunger for a while. Unfortunately, most of the healthy snacks that we have … Read more

Types of Pretzels

On Tap Kitchen Original Salted Pretzels  Organic Gourmet Pretzels Baked Mini Nugget Pieces 7oz

Pretzels are a perfect snack because of how amazing they are. Depending on the type of pretzel you have, it can satisfy your craving. If you’re craving for something salty or something sweet, it’s no doubt that pretzels will help satisfy your cravings. Traditionally, pretzel doughs are made of lye as it … Read more