Learn about General Mills – One of the World’s Largest Snack Companies

General Mills’ corporate campus in Golden Valley

General Mills, Inc. is an international manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer food products. The company is headquartered in Golden Valley, Minnesota. It is worth over 31 billion dollars as of June 2020 in total assets. The company is well-known all over the globe for marketing North American brands, Including Cheerios, Trix, … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Serving Eggs

a dish of eggs in the pan

In today’s world of fast foods and hectic daily routines, eating healthy is undoubtedly a challenge. Not many people have the self-restraint to limit the amount of junk food they consume and instead focus on only eating what benefits them. One of the top healthy food items is eggs; they make the … Read more

Healthy Snack Ideas to Pack in a School Lunch

Two lunchboxes with healthy snacks and a notebook by the side

Getting children to eat healthy snacks still remains one of the biggest concerns for mommies around the world. Healthy snacks and meals are important to keep school-going children active and nourished. You can’t always pack some ticky pack biscuits or chips in your children’s lunch every day. Such food choices are unhealthy … Read more

Try Hummus as a Great Snack

A bowl of hummus with slices of bread

  In a world where food dynamics are mostly going down the hill and daily meals are being replaced by unhealthy fast food, people are always on the lookout for healthy food options. Hummus is one of those ‘healthy’ snacks that are not only a delicious dip but is also used as … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Tailgating Cuisine

foods served at a tailgate party

You might have heard in Hollywood movies, “Let’s have a Tailgate Party!” but do you really know what is tailgate? When was this trend started, and which are the famous areas and countries for this popular party theme? What are some of the most loved and enjoyed food items and beverages for … Read more

What Items Should Be on a Cheese Board?

a delectable cheese board

What Items Should Be on a Cheese Board? Cheese boards are great for special occasions and events. They are impressive and delicious and very easy to put together. In addition to that, almost everyone loves cheese as snacks, no matter what kind they are. When it comes to making a cheese board, … Read more

Quick Oatmeal Snack Ideas

delicious oatmeal with berries

Oatmeal is one of the favorite snacks and as well as breakfast meals by many people. Oats are among the healthiest grains that you can find. They are whole grains that are gluten-free and are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Based on studies, oats and oatmeal have a lot of benefits. … Read more

Healthy Snacks for Expectant Mothers

Black Pregnant Woman Holding Bowl With Fresh Vegetable Salad, Enjoying Healthy Nutrition

Having snacks or mini-meals throughout the day can be healthy, and it is an easy way to get essential nutrients, especially when you are pregnant. Eating snacks or noshing on small bites is a lot easier when you are fighting stomach issues such as nausea, food aversions, and food cravings in the … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Serving Tacos

tacos served on a tray

A taco is a popular dish or snack that originates from Mexico. It includes small hand-sized tortilla corn or wheat tortilla topped with a filling. The tortilla is folded around the filling and eaten by hand. It can be made of different fillings, such as  beef, chicken, pork, vegetables, cheese, beans, seafood, … Read more