Book a Hog Roast for the UK’s Return to Normal

Hurrah! Put up the bunting! Freedom is coming! Soon, masks will no longer be required and will be left behind as people come out into the sunshine to greet family, neighbours and friends. This calls for a celebration! For this unforgettable big occasion, let’s consider doing something quintessentially British. It’s been done for hundreds of years, and now is the time to repeat this celebratory act. Yes, we’re speaking of the hog roast. Not only is it perfect for all those special occasions, but it’s economical to feed a crowd, and it’s oh so delicious.

Neighbourhood Parties

What have you missed the most since we started to isolate? Perhaps it’s meeting with the people who live in your neighbourhood. In that case, a weekend block party might be just the thing to get everybody back together again. And what better way than to buy the whole hog to roast on a spit the old-time way, or hire a company who specialises in roasting the hog in a specially made gas oven that will roast the hog to perfection. Whichever way is chosen, the results are going to be crowd-pleasing. As popularity has grown, so has the number of companies that can be hired to make the occasion unforgettable. Read more on why you should book a hog roast for the UK’s return to normality from hog roast and catering experts.


Perhaps there’s a wedding in your future. For a truly unforgettable occasion, imagine having long tables set out for the guests and a whole hog slowly roasting to feed everyone. Whether it’s a casual affair where the pork is sandwiched delectably in baps or a more formal function with cutlery and wine glasses, the sight and smells of a whole pig roasting is an assault on the senses.

Birthday Parties

What about birthday parties, especially 21st birthday parties? Whether it’s a family party or a party for a friend, the hog roast is a perfect choice to celebrate the occasion. Again, it can be casual finger food or a formal meal set out on fancy plates accompanied by vegetables. But what about the costs of such a function?


Surprisingly, the hog roast can be much less expensive than cooking a fancy steak for everyone. A 50kg pig can feed as many as 150 people.

Cooking the Hog

The hog may be roasted over an open flame using a mechanical spit or in a gas-powered oven. Either way, it’s done very slowly for at least 8 or 9 hours. Before cooking, the pig may be covered with fennel, rosemary, salt and pepper for an Italian taste, or basted with a beautiful plum barbecue sauce. The choices are endless.