Birthday Gateaux that Will Blow Your Mind and the Candles on Your Cake

Birthdays call for celebrations and the roots of these celebrations can be traced back to Germany where the first birthday cakes are believed to have been created. From the creation of the premier birthday cake which was more akin to a bread, we people have come a long way. Today, the UK cake industry is worth nearly £369million a year! Our love for cakes is much more than indulging in a gooey spoonful of heaven. That of course is an added benefit. But, a birthday cake becomes a symbol of togetherness, affection and warmth.

To nurture the love in your relationships and to make your birthdays splendid, we bring to you, finger-licking yet elegant birthday cake ideas right here, from our heart to yours, in Agra. You can choose any of the cake delivery in Agra for your Birthday celebration:

1. Bombshell Surprise Piñata Cake

Are you a still kid at heart who would give anything to go back to the good ol’ days of breaking a piñata and having millions of candies rain on you? Or, are you an adult who wants your kid or niece to have this experience? If yes, then we have found just the cake for you! Cut into this gorgeous cake and experience the surprise of your life!

2. Unicorn Cake

Tbh, unicorns are the stuff of everyone’s dreams, whether we accept it or not. Wink! This cake is the epitome of beauty and to quote Keats, “…a joy forever”. It is the most impressive, stunning and delicious treat for both, your eyes and your tummy! People are sure to remember your birthday for a long time after this delightful cake!

3. The Shots Cake

Want a cake that is out-of-the-box? Bored of the traditional cake ideas? Don’t you fret, this is cake your soul mate! Whether it’s your 16th birthday or your 18th or maybe even your 21st, no one is going to be after you with a gun if you do shots, not of alcohol, but of cake! Ngl, these babies are the trendiest cakes you’ll ever witness!

Fun Gateau Fact:

One of the largest and heaviest birthday cakes in the world was made for the Centennial birthday of Las Vegas. The cake for the celebration weighed around 6.18 tonnes!

4. The Classic Oreo and Kit Kat Cake

These classics never fail to steal the show at any birthday party. These creamy delights tingle your taste buds unlike any other cake! Whether it’s a single layer Oreo cake or a three-tier Kit Kat cake, they never fail to impress. A chocolate layered cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, surrounded by Kit Kat candy bars, then topped with M&M’s and tied with a big, striking bow and viola! You have the perfect recipe for a birthday bash !

5. The Galaxy Cake

Are you a space fan or simply a fan of the beautiful array of stars in the calm, night sky? Get ready to be transported to the land of edible stars, fondant moons and a yummy-in-your-tummy milky way. This creation of the universe in a box is the ultimate combination of an in vogue and mouth-melting piece of pastry.

Let your toes curl to the rhythm and taste of one of these pieces of culinary excellence today! Now, if you want a personalized approach to making sweets for your birthday, it is so easy! You just have to learn the candy making tips and tricks first and you are good to go.