Interesting McDonald’s Food Items Around the World

It’s rather funny to say that while McDonald’s has gone global, it has gone local, too. At present, there are nearly 40,000 McDonald’s stores around the world. Its ubiquitous international presence means that, of course, there is more to McDonald’s than just American-style burgers and fries.

While the Big Mac, fries and McFlurry are constant items across their stores, the chain also caters to the local tastes. International McDonald’s menu items can make a great and quick introduction to a country’s local cuisine, preparing your tastebuds to delve further into its unique flavors as you go along with your international food tour. 

From out-of-this-world burgers to quirky desserts and even soups and sweet corns, check out the following items from McDonald’s international menu (whether they’re available as a regular on the menu, a seasonal item, a trial item, or a phased-out item).

1) McLobster (Canada and New England, USA)


McLobster used to be a seasonal offering in most American stores. Now it is only available in Canada and the US New England region, where lobster is abundant. The main reason why McLobster was discontinued in most American outlets is the rising lobster prices. So, when you’re in Canada or in New England, be brave enough to try this while you can.

2) McFloat (Hong Kong and Philippines)

Seriously, why don’t we have this in the US? A creamy vanilla soft-serve serves as the crowning glory of a regular Coke (or any other soda), making it into a McFloat. You can get it at any McDonald’s outlet in Hong Kong. But if you want something extra, order another version of the McFloat in the Philippines – it is even drizzled with a hot fudge.

3) Banana Milkshake (Japan, the United Kingdom, and Italy)

To take advantage of the popularity of the Minions, McDonald’s Japan serves some of Minions-themed items on their menu. They include the Banana Milkshake and a waffle that comes with Minion-printed waffles. This item is also available in the United Kingdom and Italy, although they are not Minions-inspired.

4) Chicken Rice Burger (Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore)

McDonald’s chicken rice burger

This is pure genius if you ask us! Rice is a staple meal in the Asian continent, so what better place for McDonald’s to start introducing rice burgers than there? The Chicken Rice Burger consists of a chicken patty sandwiched between two buns made of rice instead of the usual bread buns. It’s a complete meal on the go! It has been offered either as a seasonal or limited-edition menu item only.

5) Bubur Ayam McD (Malaysia and Indonesia)

bubur ayam or chicken congee

Bubur ayam is a Chinese Indonesian congee topped with shredded chicken meat, scallions, crispy fried shallots, celery, fried soybean, tongcay (preserved salted vegetables), and soy sauce. It is a favorite breakfast food item in Indonesia and Malaysia. McDonald’s Malaysian version of bubur ayam is topped with spring onions and chilies for additional kick.

6) Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry (United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and Canada)

Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry at McDonald’s

The Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry is available in these aforementioned countries only every Easter. McDonald’s signature vanilla soft serve is topped with egg fondant sauce and pieces of Cadbury chocolate. This treat is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

7) McVeggie (Brazil and Australia)


McDonald’s in Brazil introduced a vegan burger from October to November 2017. The following year it introduced a vegetarian burger, the McVeggie, on a trial basis. McDonald’s Australia brought the McVeggie back to the menu in 2019, albeit also through a trial, after it was pulled out back in 2011 due to lack of demand.

8) McSpaghetti (Philippines)

McSpaghetti with fries and coffee

One of the oddest items that McDonald’s has to offer, the McSpaghetti was actually introduced in the US in the early 1970s as a trial. While it obviously didn’t take off in America, it has found popularity in the Philippines, where the spaghetti is served with a sweet sauce. You can also order a combo meal of Chicken McDo and McSpaghetti along with Coke or any other soft drink.

9) Bulgogi Burger (South Korea)

bulgogi burger

To win over its South Korean customers, McDonald’s introduced the Bulgogi Burger. The burger, which is about the size of a regular Big Mac, is made with pork patty with a sweet bulgogi marinade. It has since become an iconic menu favorite in South Korea.

10) Croque McDo (France)

croque mcdo

In McDonald’s France, there’s the Croque McDo, its version of its own Croque Monsieur. It consists of two slices of melted Emmental cheese and a slice of ham, which are sandwiched by two pieces of toasted bread. Enjoy it while it’s hot!