The Correct Order to Apply Skincare Routine

For all beauty craving damsels out there still struggling to attain that optimum level of skin satisfaction, it’s high time you get updated to the correct order of applying the skincare routine to ensure you’re not doing it the wrong way. Beautycareinside strongly believes that anything done systematically and in an organized way pitches in desired results, and for men and women conscious of their looks and corporal maintenance, it matters all the more.

Before we kick start with the correct order of the perfect skincare routine, it is important to know that mere topical efforts are not enough to give desired results. A sound health governed by a healthy diet and ample water intake is necessary to give your splendor a boost from within. If you’re deficient through the diet, you are most likely to incur skin and hair problems, making all the skincare routine futile and in vain. So, make sure to munch in health with enriched diets.

The correct order of a skincare routine to follow

When you sit down to beautify yourself, it’s the time all sorts of queries bombard your mind to make it all the more confusing. Which products to apply? What order to follow? Should I be using this? etc. And if you’re applying and doing everything just for the sake of formality, believe it, you’re not doing much for yourself.

The correct order of applying your skincare routine basically functions at two levels: daytime and night time. Both phases of the day pose different requirements and different measures to ensure that the best is delivered in terms of the restoration and augmentation of the skin.

So let’s delve deeper and find out what steps we should actually follow to wring out the maximum results through our concerted beautycareinside theory.

1. Prep Up with Cleansing

Be it day or night, the most crucial start-off doctrine of any skincare regime without a doubt is a clean base. Throughout the day your skin is exposed to multiple pollutants, harmful sun rays, chemicals, makeup products etc which altogether wear out the skin texture, overshadow complexion, and make you vulnerable to outbreaks of acne, pimples, blackheads etc. So, start off with a clean base using a good branded cleanser and swipe away all the dirt and debris. This offers a hygienic ground to build your beauty by clearing away clogged pores, impurities, dull complexion, and makeup residues.

For night time practice, a more intensive cleansing strategy is deemed ideal which can be done through exfoliating scrubs which not only free the skin of the day’s long clustered impurities but prepare the skin for an active night time session of skin rejuvenation and repairment.

A regular practice of cleansing promises spotless skin – a temptation enough to stick to the task.

2. Thin applications to denser ones

Sequence matters! Remember the philosophy to move from thin and absorbable products to denser ones. This comes as a handy tip from our beautycareinside strategy for two reasons. Foremost, the lighter ones settle in quicker and provide a better base that supports heavier applications. In the reverse case, the denser product does not actually let the thinner application do its job well.

3. Treat your skin with enhancers

A little extra always wins the heart and in our Beautycareinside regimen guide it does absolutely just the same via liquid sustenance to help your skin shine out even better. Here we are talking about concentrated liquid skin enhancers such as ampoules and serums. These highly absorbent beauty boosters and biologically active factors that enrich the skin with essential nutrients vital for skin hydration, protection, enhancement and vigor, allowing you to enjoy anti-aging results of skin firmness, elasticity and suppleness.

Once you’re through with cleansing, wait a while to let your face dry up then dab on some quality serum on the clean skin and allow it to absorb in. There is absolutely no greasiness, just super freshness and confidence.

4. Work your way under the eyes

Eyes are one of the focal features of attraction and not to mention one of the most troublesome areas on the face usually flaunting hollow circles and darkened skin- a clear let down. As an active skincare approach make use of collagen eye masks or eye creams to hydrate and freshen up the skin texture and complexity to reduce its visibility before applying a base ( if proceeding to apply makeup).

5. Moisturize it

A hydrated skin is ideal for makeup application as it allows the products to settle in and support all cosmetic add-ons to give you that clear and flawless look. Leaving this part out will surely not work in your favor if you already have dry skin or otherwise chances of base crack ups are all the more. So, use a good branded moisturizer on your clean skin and leave it in for 5 minutes before further application of products.

If on the other hand, you’re not heading out and not planning to apply makeup, then a facial massage with a good moisturizer is all you need to cater to.

6. Blotch treatment

If you’re going outdoors or going to apply makeup then this is the next step to work on. Conduct a check up to see whether you are troubled by a blemish or menacing facial spot. If so, then that needs to be addressed before you move on to dabbing on the layers of makeup. Recommended products include sulphur bearing creams that need to be topically applied on the concerned area only and be left to dry. Its potent functioning reduces inflammation or discernibility making it slightly better to move on to the rest of the beauty endeavor.

7. Walk out protected

As an essential daytime skincare routine, remember to walk out protected with a quality sunscreen which should be the last thing you apply before stepping out the door. Sunscreens should be applied 20-30 prior to leaving for your outdoor spree.

8. Consistency of practice

Consistency in practice is the key to amped up skin upshots. Merely cluttering up products on your table and having a mixed scheduled skincare application routine is not going to fetch much outcomes. So, be the best version of yourself by following the Beautycareinside’s guide and get the optimal outcome.