9 Grocery Items You Should Splurge On

One of the common setbacks of loving food (buying it, eating it, and more) is the tendency to go a bit crazy in the supermarket. According to Good Housekeeping Magazine, mothers who consider themselves good with money, but are complete food enthusiasts, say that they always end up straying from their budget when shopping for groceries.

Indeed, grocery selections can be quite enticing, and if you stumble upon free taste booths in the best supermarket in the city, then it becomes doubly hard to stay within an established budget. It is quite a challenge to turn down special offers, which are strategically promoted by those handing out samples.

If you are such a consumer, but you want to turn a new leaf by sticking to a strict grocery budget and getting more value out of it, know that you don’t have to compromise the quality you enjoy. Financial experts recommend identifying the grocery items that are truly worth splurging on and saving on everything else.

So, what are some of the items that may be a bit pricey, but are certainly worth the expense? Here are nine examples to watch out for next time you load up your (physical or online) shopping cart.

1. Nuts

assorted nuts
assorted nuts

Nuts are versatile ingredients, and the fresher they are, the more expensive they tend to be. Likewise, if you come across an exotic nut, such as macadamia, it’s usually quite pricey. However, nuts are undoubtedly worth splurging on, especially if you want to eat healthier.

You can make milk out of almonds and cashews. Walnuts and pecans make fantastic meat alternatives. Plus, you can add these to everything from your salads to baked treats, and turn them into different kinds of snacks. In Saudi Arabia, for instance, spiced nuts and fruits are favorite snacks. Therefore, if you want to maintain a highly useful pantry, it’s good to have a variety of high-quality nuts.

Pros of Eating Nuts:

  • The majority of the nuts are high in necessary minerals and vitamins for optimum health. 
  • Vitamins A and B are examples of these. Copper, selenium, manganese, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus are among the minerals contained in nuts.
  • They are high in fiber, which helps to drastically reduce your appetite. 
  • They also have power over your body weight.
  • Start consuming nutritious nuts right today if you want to decrease your LDL blood and total cholesterol levels. 
  • They have plenty of presence of unsaturated fats in them.
  • Walnuts, for example, are well-known for their rich omega-3 fat level. 
  • They also contain a lot of ALA, as well as certain other nutrients.
  • Nuts have a neutral effect on insulin and glucose levels. 
  • They lower the risk of diabetes. Diabetic individuals are also a good eating alternative.
  • Plant proteins abound in nuts. 
  • It also makes them a healthier alternative to meat. 
  • Because of their rich amino acid profile, they help to keep blood vessels healthy.

Cons of Eating Nuts:

  • Pretty much every single nut is high in calories. 
  • It is a disheartening truth for calorie and health-conscious individuals.
  • Despite their high quantity of unsaturated fats, nuts tend to accumulate fat through processing and flavoring.
  • The majority of nuts contain a significant level of oxalates. 
  • Whenever these oxalates build up in the bodily fluids and solidify, they can cause kidney stones to develop.
  • The majority of the nuts include oils that are harmful to your skin. 
  • Those with sensitive skin should consume nuts in moderation to avoid acne breakouts.

2. Rice

cooked rice
cooked rice

Rice is quite affordable, so opt for the higher-priced ones that are usually the best quality, such as Japonica rice, which has excellent texture and is loaded with more nutrients. There are countless recipes (from Asian to Middle Eastern and Italian) that you can use rice for. Therefore, it’s smart to always have an abundant supply in your pantry. Contact Spice Range to order high-quality rice and flour online.

3. Oils


Infused olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, and grape seed oil are what many call specialty oils, and their prices can run steep, especially those infused with herbs, garlic, chilis, fig, and truffle. However, these oils can make a whole world of difference in the quality of the dishes you prepare.

Grapeseed oil is incredibly healthy, and it is the choice of most vegans when it comes to frying. Coconut oil, meanwhile, is also lovely, particularly for curries, and its uses extend beyond the kitchen. Many use coconut oil for hair care, oral care, and skincare.

As for sesame oil, this is known to be the secret behind the nutty flavors of Asian cuisine. Lastly, olive oil is what you use for pasta dishes, salads, and dips. Plus, like coconut oil, you can also use it for your beauty and weight loss regimen.

4. Seasonings, Herbs, and Spices

Herbs and spices for cooking on dark background
Colourful various herbs and spices for cooking on dark background

These are ingredients that can elevate the quality of your dishes. They can make food more savory and also boost nutritional content. Herbs, especially, have a variety of other uses. You can use them to fill your home with wonderful scents, make tea, and prepare salves and other personal hygiene products.

As for seasonings and spices, these are absolute staples for Middle Eastern and Asian cooking. They create authentic flavors for countless dishes.

Spices or Herbs you Must Consider

  • Turmeric 

Turmeric, also known as curcumin, is among the most prominent spices consumed in cuisine and for its medical advantages.

  • Ginger

Ginger has been used as a treatment for nausea and gastrointestinal disorders for millennia. People nowadays typically use ginger root as a seasoning or as a medication to address digestive issues.

  • Cumin

Cumin is a common cooking spice that is used for its fragrant properties. According to research, it can also help with weight reduction, cholesterol, stress management, and other things.

  • Peppermint

Peppermint is a famous plant that is widely used as a flavoring ingredient. It is original to Asia and Europe. Before modern medicine, people in these areas utilized it for its calming effects, antimicrobial capabilities, and to enhance gut health.

  • Echinacea 

Echinacea is a herb produced from the coneflower shrub that is best known for stimulating immunity and aiding in the prevention of colds.

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been used for anointing, embalming, and healing diseases since 2,800 BCE. Though it is no longer as commonly utilized for its medicinal capabilities as it once was, cinnamon nevertheless delivers several health advantages as an antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, as well as anticarcinogenic seasoning.

  • Chipotle powder

When people eat chili powder, the spice causes favorable protein changes in the body that aid in weight reduction.

  • Parsley

The herb parsley is native to the Mediterranean area. Many people have used it for culinary flavoring as well as a medicinal therapy for a variety of health concerns, including high blood pressure and allergies.

  • Oregano

Oregano is another plant that is common in the Mediterranean diet, and it is used not only as a flavor enhancement for food but also as an aromatic oil and supplement.

  • Cardamom

Cardamom is also another spice with several possible health advantages. Cardamoms, which are derived from the seeds of plants in the ginger family, are commonly used in teas such as chai, and also various coffee, sweets, and even savory foods.

5. Cheeses


For the non-lactose-intolerant folks, different types of cheese are certainly always worth splurging on. Brie, Camembert, cottage, Edam, Feta, goat, Gruyere, Havarti, Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Pepper Jack are just some of the favorites. You can use these for pasta, pizzas, sandwiches, and hors d’oeuvres.

Anytime you suddenly need to entertain guests at home, you will be thankful to have a variety of cheeses in your stockpile to serve for an instant cheeseboard.

6. Butter

Butter is another ingredient worth splurging on because high-quality butter tastes divine. It’s the secret behind better-tasting butter pasta, which is a simple yet favorite Western dish. Likewise, it would be best if you had good butter for scrumptious baked goods.

If you have taken a short-term baking course to make your pastries, cakes, and bread, for sure, you are aware of the real value of high-quality butter (which a lot of people say is usually European).

7. Organic Produce

Organic Produce

Organic produce is deemed the healthiest kind of products and has the highest quality. Therefore, it’s more expensive, but clearly, it’s worth the expense because of its superior nutritional value. That’s not all; conscientious consumers opt for organic produce because it aligns with their values or preferences, such as practicing toxic-free eating and supporting local farmers.

Besides farmers’ markets, most organic produce is also available in the leading supermarkets, so watch out for them. You can also take advantage of seasonal fruits and veggies, which are sure to be of the best quality.

8. Sauces

Pesto sauce, guacomole, ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce in bowls.
Pesto sauce, guacomole, ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce in bowls. On dark rustic background

Sauces are staples in all households. Pesto, hoisin, fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and others are usually average-priced products that are always worth buying, particularly if you love to cook. You can enjoy a bit more variety with the dishes that you create thanks to these sauces.

Having different types of sauces will allow you to experiment with flavors for many of your regular recipes, and it will be so much easier for you to try out international recipes.

9. Deli Meats

Lastly, deli meats are some of the ingredients that can elevate basic recipes or meals. Also, they make excellent treats for special occasions. You can add these to pastas, pizzas, salads, and sandwiches, and no cheese board is complete without deli meats.

Roast beef, turkey lunch meat, lamb chops, and others are always great for indulgent meals.

When it comes to splurging in the supermarket, remember that it should be focused on maintaining your joy. You don’t always have to buy all of these, but when you wish for a treat, do not deprive yourself of the purchases that genuinely make you happy.


You can make up for the steep price of such items by choosing budget-friendlier options for the items you need that aren’t required to have superior quality. Plus, premier supermarkets frequently offer amazing deals. Check them out to see if you can get your usual indulgent purchases for a better price.