Factors to Consider when Installing a Cooling Unit for Your Wine Cellar

Many reasons could explain why some people are in the habit of collecting wine. One reason is that some folks think it improves their social ranking and sense of sophistication.

This is especially as they get a chance to show off their collection before those that matter. For some, it is about having a feel of the various parts of the world where the wine was made.

However, we have gathered that most people do this for the love of aged wine. It is strongly believed among many wine lovers that aged wine offers more in terms of taste and health impact.

It is for this reason (and more) that some of these people collect them. If you are interested in finding out how and why certain wines are better off aged, you can visit: https://www.wired.com/2014/10/whats-wines-tastes-better-age/

Some of these people have so many of these cherished bottles and need somewhere ideal to store them. Some of the options for storage include wine racks, cabinets, refrigerators, coolers, and cellars. To buy quality wine coolers online visit capstonewinecoolers.

The truth is that cellars are usually the go-to option for people that have a very large collection of these bottles. This storage system is a room specially designed to store and preserve them.

However, there is a lot more involved in making sure the space is ideal enough. One of the things you have to pay attention to is the cooling system installed. This is very important as a faulty or ineffective cooling unit can ruin the collection.

This is something you want to avoid and is why you should ensure your cellar is in the right state. To help out, this article will discuss a few things that would benefit you as a wine lover.

Here, we will be more particular about installing the right kind of cooling unit in your cellar. Also, making sure your cellar is properly made will be discussed and we will start with it.

Factors to Consider When Installing a Wine Cellar

Factors to Consider When Installing a Wine Cellar

There are many wine storage options you can use. However, the cellar is the best option for people that have a large number of these bottles.

Also, it is ideal for people that do not want their collected bottles in open sight. This is because visitors do not get to see your collection until you allow them into your cellar or bring some of the collections to them.

However, this storage system needs to be in the right shape to properly store and preserve your wine. Some of the factors that need to be considered for this to happen include the following:

The Right Temperature

This storage system needs to have the right temperature. This is because exposure to a certain temperature will adversely affect the wine. So, you need to pay attention to this when constructing yours.

By and large, the temperature that the wines should be exposed to needs to be ambient. Here, we are talking about something between the ranges of 12 – 14 degrees Celsius.

Temperature Variation must be in Check

Other than having an ambient temperature, the temperature variations should not be too massive. This is because a massive rise or drop in temperature can adversely affect the wine.

The annual temperature variation should not be anything more than minus 15 degrees Celsius. Making sure of this will protect your cherished bottles and the content from damage.

The Right Humidity Level

Some people like to explain humidity in the context of temperature. However, it is better if it is treated separately. This is because you can play by the rules as regards having the right temperature and maintaining the right variations and still fault in terms of humidity.

On that note, the humidity level of the cellar needs to be right. This is especially important in making sure the wine is not exposed to oxygen.

The wrong humidity level will reduce the effectiveness of the cork and allow air into the wine. Considering that oxygen (will at least) reduce the quality of the wine, you should make sure your cellar has the right humidity level.

Should Not be Exposed to UltraViolet Light

Exposure to (especially ultraviolet) light is a bad idea for wine. As a result of this, this storage system needs to be constructed in a way that avoids exposure to sunlight.

Also, you should be very careful about the kind of light you have installed in the cellar. This is because some artificial lights emit something close to ultraviolet rays.

This is equally bad for the wine and you are to avoid it. We strongly advise that you keep this storage setup in a dark state except when you need to do something there.

Vibration Should be Avoided

Unnecessary shaking is also bad for the wine. This is because it affects its quality. For this reason, make sure the cellar is situated in a place that is not exposed to vibrations of any sort.

Also, the cooling unit used should be able to help in this regard. This is important especially when you consider that some cooling units produce noise and this can cause vibration.

These are some of the important factors to consider when constructing your cellar. The truth is that you need the help of a professional team to achieve all of these requirements and more.

This is especially as regards installing the right cooling unit in your cellar. You can visit Wine Cellar Creations for more on this subject.

Factors to Consider Before Buying and Installing a Cooling Unit in Your Wine Cellar

Factors to Consider Before Buying and Installing a Cooling Unit in Your Wine Cellar

You simply cannot go for a cooling unit because you know it is a good one. This is because many good cooling units may not fit right into your kind of cellar.

So, you have to consider several things before making your choice. Some of the things you need to put into consideration include the following:

The Cellar’s Size

The cellar size is a very important factor to consider when choosing, buying, and installing a cooling unit. This is because the unit must be able to circulate the needed amount of cool air into the cellar. This is important if you will have success preserving your wine for a long time.

The square footage, height, as well as other physical attributes of the storage space should influence the kind of cooling unit you end up with. The truth is that you do not have the expertise to make this decision all by yourself. This is why you need to hire a professional team to help out.

Materials Used to Construct the Cellar

We stressed the need to take note of the size of your storage space before making this decision in the point above. While this is no doubt true, there are some twists to it. This is especially because the materials used in constructing the cellar can increase the need for more cooling air.

For instance, a cellar that is constructed with concrete that is not insulated will require more thermal load. The need for cool air will even increase with a glass that is single or double-pane.

These are some of the reasons the construction of a cellar should be left to a professional. The expert will figure out materials that will help properly circulate cool air and that will be energy efficient.

The External Temperature

The temperature outside of the cellar also plays a huge part in the air circulation inside the storage space. This is why you are to make sure the cellar is situated in the right place. If you are converting a room into a cellar, make sure it is the best in this regard.

This is because the temperature outside the cellar affects the airflow within. For instance, you will have to pay more attention to the humidity level if the temperature outside is very hot. So, the cooling system you end up with should be able to handle the impact of hot temperature outside (if this is the case).

Cooling Capacity Slightly Beyond Your Cellar’s Need

We strongly advise that you choose a cooling unit that can supply slightly above what your storage space requires. We have gathered that this is the way to go about properly cooling your wine storage space.

The reason is that some unforeseen things can come up and threaten the ability of the cellar to properly preserve your wine collection. You would need a cooling unit that can help out for such times. So, go for something that can supply a little above the thermal load that your cellar needs.

Figure Out the Exhaust for Hot Air

The cool air that keeps your cellar and the wine stored in the right state comes from somewhere. You have to make sure the source is right for your cooling unit.

For instance, you should make sure the room where the cool air is gotten gets enough ventilation if it is not from outside the building. This is so that the air supplied will not heat the wine and cause damage.

If you do not have a structure that supports this, you should simply go for something that is connected directly to your building’s exterior. This means that the air gotten should be from right outside the building rather than from a room close by.

The whole point is that the hot air passed through the exhaust and the cool air supplied into the cellar should not mix up. This is a common problem with many badly constructed cellars and you should go for a cooling unit that helps avoid this. This is also why the wine storage space needs to be properly constructed.

Dealing with the Noise (of Some Cooling Units)

Some cooling units produce noise. Some of them are good enough as they can supply the needed thermal load that your storage space requires.

However, you have to make sure the noise they produce is well taken care of. This is so that it does not cause vibrations capable of affecting your collected wine.

Be Aware of the Cooling Unit’s Ability to Handle Extreme External Temperature

We have stressed how the external temperature influences the supply of cool air into the cellar at various points in this article. Well, you should also make sure you get a cooling unit that can handle the peculiarities of your external temperature.

For instance, if you live somewhere that experiences a sharp rise or drop in external temperature, you need a cooling unit that can make up for the inconvenience. This is so that you can keep your wine in the right state. For more on this subject, you can read this article.

On a Final Note

Wine cellars are the best storage system for those that have a lot of wine collected. However, this storage space needs to be well constructed and not lacking the right amount of cooling air.

This is why we have discussed factors to consider when constructing a cellar and installing a cooling unit. We do hope that the information disclosed here will be taken seriously by wine lovers who need to construct a cellar and/or install a cooling unit.