Get Food Delivered So You Won’t Miss the Game

Probably no other sport is more associated with food than football. Whether you’re enjoying a college game on Saturday or watching your favorite pro team on Sunday, you probably have a buffet of food on your dining room table for everyone to enjoy. Instead of spending hours preparing for your watch party and missing out on the game itself being a host, search for “food delivery near me” for a local Papa John’s to get great-tasting pizza, sandwiches and more for your party.

Why These Pizza Specials Can Make Game Day So Much Better

When you’re searching for the “best lunch near me” don’t forget to check out Papa John’s pizza specials that offer savings on your favorite menu items. Not only do you keep more money in your wallet, you also earn points toward future purchases on any menu items. Start now and earn points toward your Super Bowl party for one less thing to worry about in February. Preparation is easy and clean up is too.

Spectators Want Great Food When Watching Football

Did you realize that tailgating is over 140 years old? National Geographic dates it back to the Civil War when spectators gathered to watch the Battle of Bull Run. People would bring picnic baskets to cheer on their team. Watching a war would seem gruesome by today’s standards, but it was something out of the ordinary in the era. After the war, the precursor to food trucks came into play. Chuckwagons were created to feed ranchers and cowboys on the go. In 1869, chuckwagons were used at a college football game between Rutgers and Princeton, to feed spectators. Thus, tailgating was born.

Tailgating became even more popular with the advent of pro football and cars. It was called tailgating because spectators would sit on the bed of their truck. Tailgating gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s and is now a social movement largely associated with football. Food brings people together to celebrate their teams. More importantly, tailgating was a way to spend time with your loved ones after working hard all week. Understanding the link between sports and food can help you understand why it’s so important to feed your crew. You’re not just satisfying their stomachs. You’re creating social bonds.

Why Papa John’s Food Delivery Is Rated Some of the Best

Papa John’s has a reputation for having some of the best pizzas in the United States. We’ve earned multiple awards in many different cities that recognize our high quality. It might be because we never freeze our pizza dough. It might be our marinara sauce, made with vine ripened tomatoes. We use real cheese that melts up ooey and gooey with little bits of crispiness. We choose high quality toppings that complement the basic flavors of pizza. It might be our commitment to delivering you a pizza that you’re happy with.

Order pizza for your game feast and focus on the people and the game. Search “sandwich delivery near me” for the closest Papa John’s. Make your game day easy for you. But if you want a personalized touch in creating sweets, it is about time for you to know the candy making tips and tricks from the experts.