Emerging Trends in Food Tech

Whether you’re interested in food sustainability, you want to eat less meat or you simply just love food there is no denying that food over recent years has changed. We’re seeing a much wider variety of foods with unusual flavours and meat-free alternatives becoming more and more popular. Although lots of this is driven by consumer demand, it is also the ever-evolving technology that is helping to change and adapt the food that is available to us.

Traceability For Food

One thing that consumers are starting to become keener on and that technology is making easier for us to do is the traceability of food. People want to know where their food has come from and the journey it has taken to reach their plate. We’re starting to see more data emerge about what is in food and what processes it has gone through before reaching us. As a generation that is thinking about sustainability and environmental factors, people are starting to become more aware of the impact their food choices have on the environment and are becoming keener to ensure that their food choices don’t impact this too much.

With plans by different health organisations to reduce the gas emissions that the food industry are responsible for by 2050, these new ways of eating and the technology behind them have an important role to play. A big part of reducing carbon emissions is to reduce the amount of meat that we eat and as such, things like tracing products and alternative meat options will be high on the list to help make this happen.

Alternative Proteins

The number of vegetarians and vegans across the globe has increased dramatically over recent years and this is a trend that is set to continue. Some of this will be down to the preference of not wanting to eat animal products and some will be down to the accessibility of meat alternative products. There are now so many plant-based proteins on the market that whatever your taste in food is, you should find it easy to find meat alternatives to try. This not only means that preparing vegan meals at home is easy, but it means that there number of meat-free but high protein meals in restaurants is higher than ever. With so many people responding positively to this change, it is something that is likely to continue as technology continues to expand and grow.

Intuitive Eating

We’re starting to become aware of the health benefits of eating the right foods. We have known for a long time that a varied diet and everything in moderation is good for us, but thanks to technology we now know what foods can actually benefit us. Technology has allowed us to create food with extra protein, or rich in vitamins and it is something that the consumer market is responding well to. People are starting to understand the importance of fuelling their bodies in the right way and technology is certainly helping this.