How Modern Restaurants Are Changing Behind the Scenes

If you prepare a dish today the same way it was done centuries ago, it will be just as delicious: food doesn’t change! But technology does, and many of today’s restaurants across North America look nothing like the ones from even a few years — the pace of new technology is that quick.

Millennials, who are historically early adopters of technology such as mobileslotsites, are increasingly using employee scheduling software in their restaurants, but savvy restaurateurs of all ages are wise to use the software that’s transforming how restaurants are run behind the scenes.

New tech is a game-changer, so read this before leaving the restaurant industry and check out what’s below to learn more about how it works.

Perfect Schedules, Faster

It’s essential that the cooks and sous-chefs at your restaurant can focus all their attention on what matters, rather than on secondary tasks like sorting out a work schedule.

Employee scheduling software creates schedules in up to 80% less time than it would otherwise take. Not only does it do so faster, but the schedules it creates are also better.

Restaurant staff can simply relay their work availability to their manager remotely through the app. They don’t need to be in the physical restaurant to enter the info on a calendar, or tell them in person. Similarly, they can request days off through the app too, which the manager can approve or reject on their phone.

The amount of texting and phone calling that would otherwise be needed to produce a schedule is reduced by 70%. This makes what could be an aggravating and time-consuming task simple and so quick that it leads to a direct savings in labor costs of between 1-3%.

Direct Feedback and Major Data

Everyone in business knows that knowledge is power, and employee scheduling software empowers restaurant managers by putting at their fingertips every kind of information they could want about each aspect of their restaurant.

The manager-facing dashboard presents enterprise-level data about the economics of the business, from labor costs, total sales, and any other stat that is of particular concern to your restaurant.

But there’s also a special section where employees can rate and use their own words to describe how they think the shift went. How’s morale in the kitchen? Are the new employees getting along with the veterans? You’ll always be in the know.

Feedback can be anonymous, so employees can feel more comfortable being candid. This combination of anecdotes from the frontlines and powerful macro and micro data gives a full and true picture of every dimension of the restaurant’s operations.

Restaurant-goers may still frequent restaurants for a great bite in a nice atmosphere with friends, family or a loved one, but peak behind the scenes into the kitchen or staff room and things are running differently. Let the latest technology sort out mundane problems like schedule creation, so your top cooks can worry about the cooking. For more food trivias and tips just like knowing the best appetizer ideas for brunch, we have a lot of these posts ready for you.