5 Exciting Lobster Meals that are Perfect for Autumn

For many people who live by lobster season, lobster is synonymous with summer. We all know a few fresh and light ways to eat lobster in the summer that provide perfect meals for the heat. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional lobster roll, a surf and turf or a light lobster salad, we all have our favorites.

When it comes to the Fall, however, there are fewer familiar recipes that contain lobster. The reason for that has been that it has been difficult or impossible for most Americans to readily obtain fresh, hard-shell lobster throughout the year in the past. If you haven’t tried an overnight lobster delivery service yet, then you have to see this new service that allows anyone to enjoy America’s favourite shellfish the way it is meant to be eaten.

Pumpkin Lobster Risotto

There’s nothing better in the Fall than pumpkin. That’s why you suddenly see pumpkin flavors popping up everywhere as soon as the chilly weather sets in. It may come as some surprise to your that the delicate, silky textures of this sweet autumn vegetable pair in a truly outstanding way with the rich and fresh taste of lobster.

Lobster Stir-Fry

A piping hot stir-fry, filled with all of your favourite vegetables, is an essential meal for the onset of colder weather. The only way you could make this hearty and healthy dish even better is with the surprising, yet delicious addition of lobster. For those of you who are used to eating lobster boiled or in a roll, this unique flavor combination will come as a wonderful surprise.

Lobster Gruyere Soufflé

If you want to make something more exciting, there’s no better compliment than to add a gourmet cheese like gruyere. A soufflé is an old French recipe that will delight your guests with gourmet flair. Since it is versatile –  it can come sweet or savoury – it is well suited to accommodating the taste and texture of lobster.

Lobster Ravioli

If you’ve never attempted to make a homemade version of ravioli, lobster will provide the perfect opportunity to take this cherished pasta to new heights. This one is a crowd-pleaser, so if you’re going to try a new dish with a group and are wary of picky eaters, you can’t go wrong with ravioli.

Classic Lobster Chowder

Sure, we could have added another complicated, exotic item to top off this list, but when it comes to food for the colder season, there’s just no beating a well-made chowder. We suggest that you go with the traditional New England style, which is made with a cream-based broth and loaded with potatoes.

Autumn is a wonderful time to eat lobster, you just have to know the right recipe to help to take you away from the summer association and help you to warm up with a cozy and comforting seasonal meal. But no matter what time of your you’re cooking lobster at home, be sure to order it for overnight delivery so that it comes as fresh as possible.  While your waiting for that delicious meal be sure to check out https://s-bobet.com for great options. Meanwhile, if you want to serve desserts for cheese lovers, make sure to know how to serve them the right way first.