How to Cut Down on Your Starbucks Expenses

Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder how Starbucks ever became popular. How could 7 million people go to a Starbucks each week? It is not only due to the fact that they are at multiple locations but also, they have maintained quality and attracted customers over time. 

Starbucks has strategically located its outlets. Their locations play a significant role in attracting customers. Whenever you enter a Starbucks Cafe outlet, you will find students typing and working at every corner. Students are the main customers at the cafe as Starbucks offers hours of free Wi-Fi to its customers against a single cup of coffee. 

Do not get me wrong. I surely do not mean that students come here for WIFI and not the cafe’s great taste. Obviously, 7 million is a large number and only students cannot make up this huge population. 

Starbucks is of the largest coffee shops. As per the statistics of 2021, there are about 33.83 thousand outlets all around the world. The annual declared income is about 4.2 billion U.S Dollars. Wow! Large figures. 


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It’s no secret that quite a few coffee snobs sneer at the brand. At the same time, fans of other fast-food coffees (such as McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts), say that their favorite fast-food coffee is even better, and yet they cost much less.

Today, Starbucks is a big brand. Its lovers vouch for the taste and amenities it offers. Some others oppose the idea of paying more dollars for a cup of coffee, it is basically a fast-food brand, yet their prices are much higher. The cost of a Venti is about $4.15 on average. That seems a bit high, considering that you can get a large coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts for just $2.50. A large order of Premium Roast coffee from McDonald’s will set you back about $1.49.

The $4.15 doesn’t seem like a big deal, every once in a while. You can go to the cafe for big or small celebrations or give a refresh to your tastebuds craving for the signature Starbuck taste. But if you get your Starbucks fix daily, then that cost will accumulate over time. Multiply $4.15 by 365 days, and that’s a grand total of $1,514.75 for the year. The coffee may cause you your basic needs or long-term saving plans. In comparison, you’ll spend only $543.89 for the year with the McDonald’s coffee. That’s almost a thousand bucks less.

This article will present you with some clever ways to cut down on the expense of your coffee at Starbucks. Keep reading if you want to save a bit while you still enjoy your regular Starbucks visits:

Starbucks Rewards Program

One side of people drinking Starbucks coffee
Coquitlam, BC, Canada – April 30, 2016 : One side of people drinking Starbucks coffee on sunny day. Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world.

Starbucks Reward Program is the number one solution to satisfy your coffee cravings while saving as much as half the amount you spend at the cafe. 

Joining this is perhaps the easiest way to cut down on your Starbucks expenses, especially if you are a daily patron. It offers many kinds of discounts and promos, along with free refills, free drinks, and free food in special circumstances. You can even get birthday treats. 

Does it sound like a dream turned into a reality? It surely is. Starbucks offer this facility all its customers. 

This involves buying a Starbucks Reward card, then you’ll have to register it. The process can be a bit tedious, but it’s all a worthy investment of your money and effort.

Discount Gift Cards and Other Promos

Starbucks Coffee
London, England – October 2, 2013: Close up of a Starbucks branded Cappucino Mug on a brown table.

You should also be on the lookout for the discount Starbucks gift cards. You can find these on Gift Card Granny, CardCash, and Groupon. Of course, check out the Starbucks website as well.

These cards aren’t always available, but if you find them, just buy them you’ll find $10 gift cards available for just $5, and that means you’re getting a 50% discount.

Bring Your Own Cup

Composition with cup of Starbucks coffee and beans
Poznan, Poland – January 29, 2016: Starbucks, coffee company and coffeehouse chain, founded in Seattle, Wa. USA, in 1971; now the largest business of this kind in the world operates 23,450 locations

If you don’t get the Starbucks cup and just get the coffee into your own reusable cup, then you get a 10-cent discount. That doesn’t seem much, obviously, but that’s still saving you $36.50 a year. In other words, this small step lets you enjoy at least 8 free Venti cups each year.

You just need your own reusable cup, and it doesn’t even have to be one from Starbucks. You can utilize your traveling coffee mug, the cup on top of your bottle or any other. Heck, you can even bring in a paper cup from another fast-food joint to enjoy the discount. 

So, from now onwards, keep a cup in your bag and save money from the very next visit.  

Order a Smaller Size

Starbucks offer different sizes and you are free to choose the size as per your coffee craving or your pocket size. 

For some people, even the smallest coffee size on the menu is too much. You have the Venti with 20 ounces, the Grande with 16 ounces, and the Tall with 12 ounces. The problem is that if you only want a small amount of coffee, then you are basically forcing yourself to drink the rest of the cup. You are paying for coffee that you don’t really want (after a certain point).

But you can ask for a “Short” order of your coffee, and you get to pay less than the cost of the Tall while you get your 8 ounces of coffee. At certain times, Starbucks also offers a mini size of 10 ounces as well, and again this will be cheaper than the tall order. Anyhow, you still get to enjoy the taste, right? 

Use a Grande Cup for Your Tall Order

Busan, Korea-June 22,2017:Starbucks at night at Busan Bokeh
Busan, Korea-June 22,2017:Starbucks at night at Busan Bokeh

Be a little clever while ordering your coffee at Starbucks. Usually, the barista will ask if you prefer to leave some space in your tall cup for some cream or milk for the coffee. This is convenient to be sure, but then again, you are getting less coffee for your money.

To make sure you are getting all the coffee you actually paid for, you can specify the use of the Grande cup for your tall order. That way, you will have the space you need for your milk without reducing the amount of coffee you get in your tall order. 

Split the Venti Frappuccino

We frequently hear that sharing is caring. At Starbucks, sharing is caring for your money. A Tall order of Frappuccino is 12 ounces, and a Venti Frappuccino is 24 ounces. But the Venti Frappuccino costs less than twice as much as two orders of the Tall Frappuccino. So why not play smart while enjoying the coffee with your friends. You still get a good volume in each cup! 

Next time if you come with a buddy to Starbucks and you both want a Tall Frappuccino, just get the Venti and ask for an extra cup. You can always just divide the Venti Frappuccino and enjoy 

the discount. 

Invest In Starbucks Stocks 

Starbucks offer its shares for the public in the stock market. You can invest in their stocks without any stress as they provide a good value against your investment. The more you visit and enjoy your coffee at the cafe, the value of your investment is constantly increasing on the other side. 

Starbuck uses its internet consumption data and number of customers in a unique way to give value to its stock position in the financial market. 

Final Words

Obviously, you can just cut down on your Starbucks visits to save money. You can always go with other fast-food joints with cheaper coffee, or even just make your own coffee and really save a lot of money.

But it’s hard to quit the Starbucks habit. Regardless of what others say, plenty of people love their coffee. At least with these tips, you can still enjoy your Starbucks fix without shelling too much of your money!