Perfect Gravy Recipe from Giada

Perfect Gravy Recipe from Giada-

Watch this video from Food Network and Gorgeous Chef Giada, to learn how to make perfect holiday gravy:

Host of Everyday Italian, Giada De Laurentiis, shares some of her secrets to making a perfect batch of gravy each time! Most people are intimidated by making gravy at home from scratch and/or have very little time left to prepare gravy, since it is one of the last items made for a holiday dinner. Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkey would not be the same without a robust side of gravy, it a family favorite!

perfect gravy recipe christmas thanksgiving

While some people like to add special seasonings and flavors to make holiday gravy taste unique, there are a few perfect gravy criterion. The most important gravy tips is to get the lumps out… Giada shares her cooking tip for gravy lumps in the video above. Have you tried using a blender to smooth turkey gravy? Let us know below in the comment section if you found this video helpful.

easy gravy recipe made from scratch

Also feel free to share other foodie links and cooking tips with us! We love sharing good food ideas! Happy Holidays from Tasty Food Snacks!

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