Interesting McDonald’s Food Items Around the World

McDonald’s sign

It’s rather funny to say that while McDonald’s has gone global, it has gone local, too. At present, there are nearly 40,000 McDonald’s stores around the world. Its ubiquitous international presence means that, of course, there is more to McDonald’s than just American-style burgers and fries. While the Big Mac, fries and … Read more

Novelty Foods That Trended in Recent Years

person holding a milkshake

Were these food items really worth the fuss, or were they just for the ‘gram? From rainbow bagels to ramen burgers, from Unicorn Frappuccino’s to Dalgona shakes, here are some of the novelty foods that filled your social feed in recent years. 1) Cronut Food “hybrids” were becoming a thing in the … Read more

Delicious Doughnuts from Around the World

colorful doughnuts

Doughnuts are one of the world’s most loved sweet indulgences. Who could resist some deep-fried dough that’s dusted with powdered sugar, smothered with glaze or chocolate sauce, or filled with generous amounts of Bavarian cream? Doughnuts come in different shapes and forms, not just the ring-shaped type that we are familiar with. … Read more

Introduction to the Delightful Empanada

making empanadas

If you are looking for a tasty snack for the whole family or to serve your friends, one of the delicious options is the empanada. It is a type of baked or fried turnover that is made of pastry and filling. This snack is popular in Southern European, Latin American, Indonesian, and … Read more

Ultimate Guide to the Types of Popcorn

Ultimate Guide to the Types of Popcorn

Popcorn is a trendy snack, especially when it comes to watching movies, whether in theaters or at home. In fact, Americans consume 17 quarts of popped popcorn yearly, with 58 quarts eaten by an average American. Popcorns can be cooked with butter or oil using a popcorn machine, a microwave oven, or … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Crackers

The Ultimate Guide to Crackers

Crackers are considered a portion of healthy food to satisfy hunger and consume your cereal. They are flat, baked snacks, made with flour, and usually with extra seasonings and flavors. To generalize the meaning of the term, we can say that crackers refer to fine, savory snacks, usually salty, made without a … Read more

Snack Ideas for College Students

a closeup picture of a basket full of chips

College days are super hectic for students. The college phase requires hard work, mental stress and brings with it loads of exhaustion. The constant mental fatigue and busy life requires energy and vigor. You need to maintain a healthy and upbeat lifestyle to stay on the top of your game in college, … Read more

Guide to Breakfast Burritos

Aside from waffles, pancakes, cereals, and toast, another popular food to eat in the morning is the breakfast burrito or sometimes referred to as the breakfast wrap in places outside of the American Southwest. A breakfast burrito is a variety of American breakfasts, which is made up of breakfast items wrapped in … Read more

Guide to Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs on lettuce topped with mayo and bell pepper

Deviled eggs are also known as dressed eggs, stuffed eggs, or Russian eggs. They are hard-boiled chicken eggs that were shelled, cut in half, and filled with a paste that is made from the egg yolks, mixed with other ingredients, including mustard and mayonnaise. Deviled eggs are usually served cold as an … Read more

Ways to Improve Boxed Cornbread Mix

Godfathers Pizza Sauce 14oz  No Added Sugar Restaurant Style Italian Pizza Sauce

If you’re going to stack your pantry with a staple multi-tasker, go for a box of cornbread mix. It’s one of the most versatile items in your kitchen, that’s really cheap and very tasty. A box of a Jiffy Cornbread Muffin Mix is something that you’ll always find in a supermarket. You can … Read more