Cafes to Visit if You’re Crazy About Cookies

Are you a lover of sweet treats? If so then you need to know the perfect go-to spots for chewy, crunchy, and flavorful cookies. Cookies make outstanding treats since they can be grabbed and enjoyed while one is on the move during a busy day, as a delicious snack in the afternoon, or after dinner right before bed.

If you have been thinking all week about giving yourself a cookie treat, then this is your sign to go ahead and spoil yourself to a scrumptious delectable cookie this weekend. And we know the perfect places where you can go for an appetizing cooking treat.

We have listed below several cafes that you need to visit if you are crazy about cookies. Check them out below.

Twisted Sugar Café

If you are a lover of gourmet cookies, then you need to stop by the Twisted Sugar Café. The café offers more than 20 unique flavors of cookies to ensure that their customers are spoilt for choice whenever they stop by the café. Twisted Sugar Café is a favorite dessert spot for sweet toothed people because it has various stores spread out across the U.S.

Whether you are in South Carolina, Texas, North Carolina, Colorado, Indiana, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, or Utah, Twisted Sugar Café has you covered. Just stop by any of their stores in the above towns, ask for the famous twisted sugar cookie menu, select one of their award-winning tasty cookies, and accompany it with one of their 100 flavors of rejuvenating specialty sodas.

Millie’s café

Have you ever tried mouthwatering hand iced cookies? No? then you definitely need to make a quick stop at Millie’s Cookies. Enjoy heart shaped, round shaped, double chocolate, or white chocolate cookies at Millie’s along with some cappuccino, espresso, herbal tea, or chocolate cookie latte.

From little crunchy cookies to giant cookies, Millie’s Cookies offers multi flavored varieties of cookies to celebrate special occasions. All the cookies from Millie’s are freshly made and hand iced with popular decorative flavors such as happy birthday, welcome to the team, dragon, twins, unicorn, and proud of you. The cookies on Millie’s menu are very affordable so do not hesitate to give yourself a treat.

Millie’s is a British chain of bakeries headquartered in London with more than 90 stores in the UK. If you are in London, then you have no excuse as to why you cannot enjoy one of the most mouthwatering and scrumptious cookies in Britain.

Cookie Fix shop

In case you have a craving for peanut butter flavored cookies, then you need to pay this Southern cookie shop a visit. Cookie Fix is a cookie haven for all types of cookie lovers. Are you an enthusiast of healthy living? Then the Cookie Fix shop has exactly what you need. Enjoy flourless cookies packed with chia seeds and flax seeds to enjoy a healthy sweet dessert.

If on the other hand you love to indulge in the sweet savories of sugar, then the Mocha Slide (espresso, fudge, and dark chocolate chips) may be more suitable for you. Or perhaps once you at the cookie shop staring at the cookie varieties, you may feel the M&M chocolate chip cookies calling out to you. Do not resist it.

Cookie Fix shop is located in Homewood Alabama. You can even buy some frozen dough from the cookie shop when you leave so that you can make more delicious treats for yourself at home.

Marlo’s Bakery

Is this list making you think about the next time you will enjoy a chewy cookie? Well, the best place to go and soothe your craving is Marlo’s Bakery in Fairbanks Alaska. This former farmer’s market stand is now one of the most bustling storefronts in Fairbanks because of its succulent delicacies. Why don’t you get in line and taste why people flock to Fairbanks for the scrumptious cookies at Marlo’s Bakery?

Urban Cookies Bakeshop

Do you know that there is a dessert spot in Phoenix Arizona where dessert is sold at half price every Sunday afternoon during happy hour? That is the Urban Cookies Bakeshop. This cookie heaven sells soft cookies that come in different unique flavors like pineapple coconut, oatmeal almond raising, and dark chocolate walnut.

If you are vegan or allergic to gluten, Urban Cookies Bakeshop has many appetizing cookie options for customers with dietary limitations.

Rick’s Bakery

If you have had enough plain sugary cookies to last you a lifetime, then it’s time you upgraded your taste to tie-dye cookies from Rick’s Bakery in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The colorful confections are Rick’s Bakery will keep you coming back for more deliciousness.

Did we mention that the shop has ice sized razorback cookies as well? Sounds sporty right? This is because the Razorback cookies are named in honor of the Razorback Football team from the University of Arkansas.

If you want to be overwhelmed by colorful deliciousness, then Rick’s Bakery awaits you.

Milk Jar Cookies

The name certainly makes one think of warm cookies fresh out of the oven with a jar of cold milk for sipping or dipping the cookies. This is exactly what you will experience at Milk Jar Cookies shop in Los Angeles, California. The confectionery will serve up warm crave worthy cookies that appear crispy on the outside but are incredibly chewy on the inside.

You can also try out the Banana Split cookie which is made of banana dough based with butterscotch, walnut, chocolate, and topped up with some fresh strawberries.

Sweet Mandy B’s

If you are in Chicago, then you need to pay a visit to Sweet Mandy B’s and order the famous scrumptious Ranger Cookie. This rich cookie is lumpy, big, and filled with walnuts, oats, rice Krispies, and chocolate chips. This is the type of cookie that will make your day and up lift your mood. Pay a visit to Sweet Mandy B’s cookie haven in Illinois, Chicago today and thank us later.

Dee’s One Smart Cookie

Are you wondering if a cookie treat is good for your health? Well, the cookies at Dee’s are very healthy and delicious since they are made with a variety of natural sweets that do not contain gluten, soy, peanuts, dairy, or tree nuts. These allergen free cookies are very popular especially because some customers claim they taste better than normal cookies at other stores.

Dee’s non-GMO bakery is located in Glastonbury Connecticut.

Let us know which of the cookie shops up you will be visiting next. We would love to know which store stands out to you most. Give us a call.