Herbalife Review: Can Instant Soup Really Be Delicious?

Herbalife is constantly finding new ways to make healthy eating fun and easy. Herbalife is proud to announce the debut of Herbalife Instant Soup.

Herbalife Instant Soup provides the plant-based protein your body needs without the calories it doesn’t. Each packet provides 16 grams of protein but adds just 80 calories to your daily diet. And every packet of Herbalife Instant Soup quells hunger in ways that your other day-to-day foods can’t.

How is this possible? Herbalife’s nutrition scientists did a complete product review in creating all of Herbalife’s Instant Soup flavors, considering not only the latest scientific findings of nutrition research but also traditional wisdom about soup.

  • Herbalife Instant Soup provides complete protein from vegan sources. Your body can repair muscles and maintain the immune system with proteins it makes with all the amino acids every part of your body requires. Those 80 calories provide all the protein you need from a complete meal.
  • Herbalife Instant Soup helps you keep your appetite in control. With complete protein, you won’t have protein cravings. And with 3 grams of fiber, your cup of soup will fill you up longer and carry you longer through your busy day.
  • Herbalife Instant Soup has the power of every homemade soup to support immune health. Tiny particles of soup stimulate the immune system in your mouth and throat to generate neutrophils that neutralize infection. Herbalife’s plant-based Instant Soup is just as supportive of good health as your Grandma’s chicken and noodle soup, but with none of the added fat.

Herbalife Instant Soup is delicious all by itself. But feedback from Herbalife reviews reveals that many Herbalife customers use Instant Soup in recipes for fat-free sauces for healthy steamed vegetables.

Want some recipes for getting creative with Herbalife Instant Soup?

There is just one simple step for releasing the yummy flavors of chicken and vegetables or mushrooms and herbs in Herbalife Instant Soups:

Add hot water.

You can heat a cup of hot water on the stove or in the microwave and add it to the contents of an Instant Soup packet, or blend the contents of an Instant Soup packet in cold water and heat the mixture in the microwave to the temperature that is just right for you.

And because Herbalife Instant Soup is 100 percent savory, without the slightest hint of a protein-powdery taste, it’s a great base for sauces.

To make a sauce from Herbalife Instant Soup, mix with some kind of milk instead of water. Try no-sugar-added oat milk or sugar-free almond milk for a nutty flavor. Use about half as much liquid as the instructions on the packet calls for, blend in your blender, and heat. If the sauce comes out too thick for your tastes, just add more liquid, blend again, and heat some more.

The resulting sauce is delicious on all kinds of savory foods. You can add salt and herbs, either dried or fresh, for even more flavor.

What do Herbalife product reviews tell us about how customers react to Herbalife Instant Soups?

People are pleasantly surprised that Herbalife Instant Soup has a different consistency from Herbalife Formula 1 Shakes. It’s thicker. It’s creamy. It’s creamier than the soups that come in a can.

Black cracked pepper and dried herbs of your choice make a beautiful contrast on the surface of the soup. And many reviewers report, “Herbalife Instant Soup is just so soothing. It not only tastes good, it feels good in your mouth.” Herbalife Instant Soup makes a great small meal in itself or a wonderful accompaniment to your favorite steamed or roasted vegetables.

Herbalife Instant Soups are available in different flavors all over the world. Contact your Herbalife Independent Distributor or visit your local Herbalife Nutrition Club to learn more.