Clean Eating: How to Eat Clean?

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“Eating clean” is the latest buzz word among those who are health conscious. It is a concept that focuses on eating healthy, whole, and unprocessed foods. It is about eating more of the best and healthiest options in the food groups and eating less of the not-so-healthy foods. It means that when … Read more

Healthy and Easy Fish Recipes

Healthy and Easy Fish Recipes

Fish is among the healthiest of foods. Fish has plenty of protein, and above all has lots of nutrients such as Vitamin D, which many people are short of, and Omega 3, which are helpful in preventing heart disease.  Beyond that, fish can be just downright flavorful, and a fantastic alternative to … Read more

Getting Children to Eat Healthy Snacks

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One of the dilemmas in raising children is when they begin to become picky eaters. A lot of parents complain that their children only eat junk foods such as chips, cookies, and crackers during snack time and they do not want to eat fruits and veggies. If you’re children never consider to … Read more