Try Hummus as a Great Snack


In a world where food dynamics are mostly going down the hill and daily meals are being replaced by unhealthy fast food, people are always on the lookout for healthy food options. Hummus is one of those ‘healthy’ snacks that are not only a delicious dip but is also used as a replacement ingredient in many zesty dishes. When eating hummus as a healthy snack, you could be having the best flavors of the Middle East and still not cross your daily calorie intake!

Is Hummus a Healthy Snack? 

Is Hummus a Healthy Snack

Generally, hummus is a healthy snack but you’ve to monitor that ‘healthiness’. There are different degrees of healthy hummus, and that depends on how different brands craft its recipe. Remember that high-quality brands, such as HOPE, avoid the usage of vegetable oil or olive oil and instead makes use of extra virgin oil. Always look for brands that do not use unhealthy preservatives. Henceforth, do your research before buying hummus, if you want to get the advantage of the ‘healthier’ side of this delicious snack! 

Top 10 Healthy and Yummy Hummus Snacks 

Creating healthy and yummy snacks with hummus is such an easy task. With a variety of options available, people have been experimenting with this traditional dip and there are countless hummus snacks you can make and enjoy, at the comfort of your home! We’ve collected the top 10 healthy and yummy hummus organic snacks for you to make at home. Proceed below to have a look at these drool-worthy dishes now! 

1. Mayonnaise Replacement In Sandwiches

Mayonnaise Replacement In Sandwiches

Tired of the old mayo-mustard or mayo-cheese combo in your wraps and sandwiches? Replace the mayonnaise with hummus now! It won’t only take your taste buds on the delicious ride but is rich in protein. Additionally, hummus can also act as an effective replacement for butter, cream, and sour cream in recipes. Try potato salad with hummus as a replacement for butter and cream, or make use of hummus in egg salad for a piquant taste! You can also replace mayo with hummus in tuna salad and witness the magic of this traditional yet magical topping. 

2. Hummus Sweet Potato Toast

Hummus Sweet Potato Toast

Want to try something different for your breakfast? Here’s your cue. Sweet potatoes combined with the hummus can definitely take your breakfast to the next and ‘healthier’ level. All you need to do is take out 1 tablespoon of Original Hummus, Dark Chocolate Hummus, and Avocado Hummus. Blend all of these for a creamy texture. Meanwhile, slice the sweet potato and place it in the toaster. Toast all of the slices thoroughly and top them with a hummus mixture. You can also top them with hemp seeds, sliced avocado, peanut butter, and chia seeds to provide a finishing touch. 

3. Dip for Fresh Vegetables 

Dip for Fresh Vegetables

As obvious as it can get, dipping fresh veggies in hummus still remains one of the healthiest and yummiest snacks. A fresh bag of veggies can come in handy with your favorite hummus. Vegetables and hummus are one of the most healthy snacks for your weight loss. However, do not always follow the basics and spice things up with different kinds of charcuterie boards. Try to arrange some of your favorite veggies with a container of hummus, and add some panache and zest to your everyday snacks. Turn this traditional snack into a visually pleasing side dish! 

4. Hummus Nutrition Bowls

Hummus Nutrition Bowls

In today’s world, where people are getting more careful and vigilant about their calorie intake, cholesterol levels, and whatnot, nutrition bowls are becoming a priority when it comes to healthy snacking. Similarly, hummus has become an important ingredient for such nutrition bowls. These bowls are a new favorite of every health freak and contain fresh veggies, hummus, grains, eggs, and meat, thus meeting all the nutrition needs

5. Chocolate Hummus as a Nutella Replacement 

Chocolate Hummus as a Nutella Replacement 

Want to try out a healthier alternative for Nutella? We’ve got you covered. Hummus comes in different flavors and the chocolate ones are mostly used as a replacement for Nutella in different snacks and desserts. With an improved nutritional value, you can try out Dark Chocolate flavor of hummus for sweet bowls, baking, or just dip your graham crackers in coconut chocolate hummus. Either way, you won’t be feeling guilty about giving in to the healthy sweets later on. 

6. Hummus Flatbread Pizza

Hummus Flatbread Pizza

A healthier version of pizza? Might sound like a scam but it isn’t! Say goodbye to the sodium-loaded red sauce and pizza dinners. Instead, brush whole-grain warmed pitas with chopped cucumber, hummus, kalamata olives, tomato, baby arugula, and dried red onion. What better way to incorporate nutritious and yum factors into your otherwise monotonous diner routine, than by adding this powerful protein source that’s low in sodium and calories.

7. Eat Hummus with Falafel

Eat Hummus with Falafel

You can never have enough of the chickpeas and the classic pairing of falafel and hummus complement each other for a reason. Combining the crispy crust of fried balls of goodness with the fresh and creamy hummus is simply perfect. If you don’t want to trouble yourself for the deep-frying process, you can always go for easily baked falafel instead. Dry chickpeas are recommended to use for the recipe of hummus, but if you’re in a hurry, use the canned ones, and prepare your quick grab and go! 

8. Dip Fruits and Nuts

Dip Fruits and Nuts

Apart from veggies, fruits can also be dipped in hummus and their tastes are elevated to a new level. Crunchy and sweet fruits, such as pears and apples are great and go along perfectly with hummus. Try this combo and you’ll definitely regret not trying it sooner. Chocolate hummus dips are perfect to dip your fruits and nuts, for an incredible experience. Dip fresh strawberries or walnuts into your concoction and it’ll leave your jaw open with its mind-blowing taste! 

9. Avocado with Hummus

Avocado with Hummus

Want an incredibly protein-rich and decadent snack? Pair your avocados with hummus and have a bite of your next favorite nutritious snack, filled with healthy fats. Slice the avocados in half, take out the pit, and top them with black olives, hummus, tomatoes, and any other seasonal topping you want. The result will be the best fulfilling and healthy snack for your office and leisure time! 

10. Pita Chips

Pita Chips

Want a delicious Mediterranean element to accompany your hummus cravings? Say no more! Dunk some pita chips into that creamy and rich hummus dip. Because of the perfect crunch and thickness of pita chips, they go along with the hummus dip so well, which makes these two a phenomenal combo. Enjoy your pita chips with a creamy hummus dip and provide that unhealthy snacking a new dimension!

Hummus as a Healthy Snack

Hummus as a Healthy Snack

Eating only three meals a day can sometimes get monotonous and you can’t help but give in to the snacks. However, this snacking doesn’t necessarily need to be unhealthy. Make use of hummus as a dip, spread, or sauce and let your unhealthy snacking take a nutritional turn. Serve it as a healthy party snack, or dressing for a side dish at your next holiday feast. Hummus is equipped with healthy fats, important minerals, and vitamins. You can also try out homemade versions of hummus and create your next favorite holiday snack that doesn’t jeopardize your cholesterol level and promotes the concept of clean eating in daily life!