New Years Eve Food Ideas

New Years Eve Food Ideas:

Celebrate New Years Eve 2014 with lucky food. Here is a list of food that is said to bring luck to those who eat it on New Years..

Happy New Year - champagne, grapes and party decoration

Grapes- Spanish and Portugese culture says that eating 12 grapes before midnight on New Years Eve can bring good luck. Each one of the 12 grapes symbolizes one month. Eating a sweet grape will mean a good month ahead…

New Years Eve Cupcakes to bring luck

Circular Food- like donuts, cake, and/or cookies. Eating foods in the shape of a circle can bring good luck because it is like a karma loop for the New Year. When you eat round, circle shaped food, each nice thing that you have done in the past year, is believed to come back around to you. To eat circle shaped food, literally represents good deeds coming ‘full circle’.


Pomegranates- In Greece, a popular New Years Eve ritual is smashing a pomegranate on the floor in front of a door. The fruit with the most seeds, represents luck and fortune…


Coins- A lucky coin is meant to be baked inside a cake or bread, and whoever finds the lucky coin in their slice of bread, is supposedly going to have good luck in the new Year. Try this New Years Eve food tradition at home, but make sure all family members are told!


Pork- Perhaps because of its fat content, and savory taste, eating pork on New Years Eve is also said to be lucky. In some regions. where food might have been scarce, pork is a luxury, so eating it on New Years Eve signifies prosperity and riches!

New Years Eve Toast

Whole fish, black-eyed peas, greens, cornbread, and soba noodles are also popular good luck foods for New Years Eve Celebrations!

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