How To Make Authentic Mexican Guacamole

How To Make Authentic Mexican Guacamole:

Secrets to making fresh and authentic guacamole dip

Secrets to making fresh and authentic guacamole dip


September 16th is National Guacamole Day and also Mexico’s Independence Day! Celebrate this Food Holiday by making the best Guacamole with step by step instructions from chef Joe Quintana from NYC’s Rosa Mexicano Resturant. This recipe for the perfect guacamole is easy and delicious, watch Zagat’s simple how to guide for more info:

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Here are some take away tips for making fresh restaurant quality guacamole at home:

Tip #1:

The proof is in the paste…. Make a fresh paste from onions, cilantro, and jalapeños! Sprinkle salt and mix/mash with a mano (pestle) to liquify onions and release flavors.

Tip #2:

Pre-Cut avocados before adding them to the paste. Remove pit and use a 3 by 4 cut ratio to evenly dice the avocado. Fold avocado into paste mixture with spatula.

Tip #3:

Add tomatoes last to the guacamole mixture and season with additional salt.

Fun Fact: 99% of the tables at Rosa Mexicano Restaurants order freshly made table side guacamole. Wow,  that is a lot of Guac!

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